Enjoy your life in Fort Collins

Fort Collins’ proximity to the mountains provides unmatched access to the beautiful, Coloradan outdoors. Residents and Visitors can find a huge range of activities both in the mountains and right there in the city. No matter what kind of activity you’re looking to do, you can happily find it in or close to Fort Collins. Below are just a few of the great options for activities in Fort Collins.

Recreational centers for Fort Collins’ locals to enjoy.

The Fort Collins’ government website has a page dedicated to Recreational Activities. This page is meant to act as the community’s resource for staying active and connected to the rest of the community. They offer programs and activities for people of all ages and abilities in their quarterly recreation guide.


Aside from the sports offered through the school district program, there are plenty of both adult and youth leagues for residents to participate in. If any traditional sports are your jam, then you will be sure to find an option for you through the recreational information page of the Fort Collins’s website.

Summer Camps

Fort Collins offers many resources for children who are out of school for the summer. There are many options for children’s summer camps and many other activities to keep them busy in the summer. There are camps for art, sports, and for getting out into the outdoors.

Gyms and Rec Centers

There are plenty of options for residents to get active at the gym or take some laps around the recreation center’s pool. Fort Collins residents are generally active, utilizing the outdoors for physical activity. If you are looking to fit a workout into your busy day, just choose one of the gyms to join and you are all set! There are plenty of options.

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